domenica 24 maggio 2015

Gay marriage rights... Let's be serious!

This Gay rights, non gay rights ( soon it will be ilegal to be straight, also will be considered abnormal and imoral) palestinian rights, jewish rights, catholic rights, muslim rights, etc. rights, is a stupid and dangerous game. (Remember when it was considered ilegal and imoral to be Jewish in Germany?  Or wen it is considered ilegal and imoral to be a Palestinian in Israel?  Personally I see no difference between those tho situations.)

Marriage is about having children, not about signing a tax saving contract between two beings, how many children can they have naturally?

Whether they sign a legal document or not, either they get sacralised their union or not in some religious establishment of some sort or religion, as long as two beings are having natural children together, they are married and bound to raise them just like other species of animals do. 

And if the animals do that, we that claim to be better, smarter, wiser than beasts, why we should not do the same.
Any other "marriage" by signing a contract, legalise a union, getting a union blessed or sacralised or sanctified is pure bullshit or just a way to pay less taxes or gain more voters, but not a marriage.

You need no contract to be married, paper does not marry you, nor blessings or sacralisations, less a government voted law.

Nowadays when filling up a legal document you tick your gender box as Female, Male, or Other.

Since when the hell at birth you were "Other" than a boy or a girl?

Let's be serious!

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