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domenica 12 luglio 2015

Beings were made to be loved and things were made to be used, our problem nowadays is that we love things and use the beings....

 When we dreamed of a robotized world in the '80es we saw it as robots serving the beings, doing the jobs, and mankind enjoying life, hanging out, working 4 hours a day for the benefit of their society, creating new things.

No need for an income anymore, a resourced based economy where anybody could have anything and if that thing did not existed they would invent it and had the robots make it, no communism, no fascism, no socialism (that is a milder form of commies in our sight) no capitalism (that is a milder form of fascism in our sight) just democracy in the beginning until we moved into the laws that have total respect for the society that no one needs to rebel against them, and folk would have so much respect for the law that no law enforcement was needed thus no government required worldwide (pure anarchy)

What we have instead now with more robots than ever?

New World Order (opposite of democracy), robotized wars, robotized industry, unemployed starving to death, homeless families, resources thrown to be destroyed so that people with no money can have no access to them to survive, war on poor not on the poverty, distorted medicine meant to make money on perpetual sick instead of curing them once and for good, mind control and propaganda, a regression to fascism and communism... and more robots, of course.

Not the robots are our problem, but our politicians and banking system, they value more the money than life. Our life.

Copyrighted by Emil Pop 2015

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