venerdì 17 aprile 2015

We are what we eat. Dixit.

Ok, the dixit thing is a bit extreme, the rest it is as it is.

If you really think it does not matter what you eat, enjoy life, as long as it lasts, but when your body gives in... than the "  dixit " thing applies.

For a long time I was planning to put this together in a form that anyone could understand, and found no inspiration, but than I saw a movie.

District 9.

Nothing about food, no big chefs, no gourmet lessons, just aliens, humans, conflicts, underground life, guns, bioengineering by mistake, etc.

And some African believes that seem absurd to educated Europeans... but hey, how many absurd thing have being proven correct, the theory of relativity included?

Somewhere in the District 9 a Nigerian cannibal mafia warlord and his killers are knocking off and eating those strong and daring to absorb their strength and powers and enhance their own body.

  I am aware in some African or Asian cultures, and some European ones, eating a mighty wild beast would make your body likewise,  so they would kill the bear, lion, tiger, and consume it, to be strong and brave like them,  in the film they eat aliens, but it did not work.

However that is exactly how it works, but at a different scale, in a different manner, and it takes a hell lot of time to can see some results.

Genetically speaking in our lifetime we involuntarily alter our genetic code and transmit it altered to our kids modifying them, thus kids had in youth will be nothing like their younger siblings had in the last mile of fertility.

The last ones are more kind, more contemplative, more introspect, thinkers and analisers.

Because our DNA has being altered meanwhile, by our thoughts, by how much we learned, by skills we apprehended, by sicknesses we had, and obviously by things we ingested like; food, drinks, microbes, viruses, etc.

All those things do not only contain proteins, glucides, lipides and other chemical groups of essential to us nutrients, but within those nutrients there are genetic codes that are transported into our very cells and occasionally they alter some of our DNA code in good or,  unfortunately, in bad, mostly the chemicals they put in food to enhance taste or to preserve it on the shelves long periods of time.  So we get all sorts of cancers.

Imagine if the African belief were true and even if slow in time, eating tomatoes, raw ones, regularly, what this does for us, mainly positively, same for the apples or oranges.
Good stuff.

Imagine eating regular bears, or bulls, or tigers, in a few generations we might communicate by roaring at each-other.

However noways folks mainly eat fast-food, where they mainly sell us chemicals meant to give us cancer to the thrill of the pharmaceutical establishment, and in this  bunch of chemicals there is chicken, thus we are bound to become chickens, if you know what I mean.

And pigs, and cows, this is why we behave like we do now-days, after a few generations of fast food.

To make things worse, the buns they wrap the big mack in are from genetically modified wheat flour.  One of the genetically modified plants characteristics is that they are sterile, they do not bear fruitful seeds, and they are the last generation since they cannot reproduce.

Guess what that does do to us???


Bon apetit monsieur.

Copyrighted by Emil Pop 2015

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