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mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012

The problem with technology.... is us!

I am sorry this topic is so short, damn it, there is much more to be said and done on it!

Humans have the bad habit to get addicted to things and habits simply because it is inbreed in our software so we can survive.

Since early history we got addicted to sex, but that was understandable, reproducing the race should of being something we should enjoyed or nobody would of had kids anymore,

Than we discovered alcohol, first by error, than by raffination of our error! Booze!

Later we discovered other addictive things like coffee, tobacco, hallucinogenic plants, and lately artificial chemically elaborated hallucinogens.

All harmful in a long run both for the person and for the society, but we legalized some and banned others.

Now is Star Trek time, o yap, I recall those episodes with the alien species that were technologically interconnected in society and all shared their thoughts to all the civilization and heard their thoughts simultaneously, no privacy of thinking, and were trying to conquer the non shared minds and turn them into similar by implanting them the chips.

We are heading there, we are passing from addiction to be inbreed into technology, not technology in us (although that will be the first step), but if things go the way I see in 100 years there will be no more humans on earth, just bio-robotics using human bodies as ambulant chips carrier that will do the thinking, creating and decision.

I let you imagine the consequences of such a society if somebody injects a worm to take over their power of thinking after they gave up their individual independence to the network....

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