martedì 17 gennaio 2012

How to generate trafic by blogging? Easy, be charming!

When I first started blogging I had no idea of what I was doing, actually I still have no idea, but it works just fine.

My active blogs are: (was my second blog, and most successful), than I also put up

previous I had other blogs that never took off.

I wrote to pull traffic to my site that is specialized in ultralight aviation, giving away construction plans and selling e-books and construction plans, and previously I wrote on the subject, guess what... the very few passionate people jumped in to comment or read, and nobody else.

While on Wouldn't Care Less I simply curse the system, the government, the banks, the human stupidity, or on the Raining Idiots Around I unmask e-scams publishing their letters and explaining how they make money on stupids, and people share my blogs in a viral manner.

To my surprise this is a very required lecture by all sorts of people, example: I had some 200 Facebook friends that I hardly gathered in years, and some 100 twitter contacts, same way, BUT since I publish in Facebook and twitter my blogs in chunks of 3 in the morning, noon and evening, total 9 a day (and I might write some 1 to 6 a month) I have friends request that flood me, up to 10 a day on each system, thus I don't have to hunt for them anymore. Actually on Facebook I am approaching the max limit.

My site was receiving some 2 visits a day in the beginning, but I integrated links to my site in the blogs, and now I am on page 1 or 2 in most search engines for my principal keywords because of the traffic generated by my blogs readers (beware my texts have nothing to do with my site content, but if I write well, they are curious to see what else is in there)

Thus a well wrote blog attracts criticism, comments, replies, visitors, traffic to the site, more friends on social networking platforms (LinkedIn included) and I am posting my thoughts but also posting my friends thoughts in my blogs giving them direct credit, thus helping friends too.

It worked fine to me, thus try a few versions of blogging yourself, open a few blogs and see which style attracts more comments, visitors, criticism, replies and so forth, and after one year or two, close the blogs that are dying and keep doing the ones that took of and fly high.

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