domenica 24 luglio 2016

On Fakebook somone asked how I coped with loss and grieving, and if I looked for professional help....

To answer the first question, nothing.

I grew up surrounded by grief, and by joy in alternative stages, lost my gramma when I was 7, but had my 2 brothers and other kids to play with, so it compensated the balance, my parents divorced by the time I was 10, by the same time we had our smallest brother brought home and I kindda' kept busy with him for the coming 3 years and this rebalanced the things again. 

As I grew older uncles and aunts started to die, but I was young and kept myself busy, once I passed 20 some friends started to die (I had some old friends, but also some young that had accidents) but I was working full time and studying night-school, and that kept me afloat. 

When my father in law died, two years after that also my father, another 3 years later my mother in law, I was always keeping busy with my son, my work, my wife, some relatives and friends. 

Grief is not something to be accounted for as unusual in life, is part of day to day living, and those that try to take it out of the context, to exacerbate it and make an issue of it are either people that all their lives were over protected thus never had to deal with, or mentally instable aiming for drama at any cost, or professional shrinks making their money out of this market, thus exaggerating anything to make an extra buck.

The above somehow answers your other question, never needed it, not a drama queen myself, plus help and support always came unsolicited and unconditioned, just as I was giving it when times required around. That means living in a healthy society and being sane, give help when and how it is needed, and accept when people wanna help you even if you have no idea who they are.

It is the natural way of dealing with life, grieving included, any other way it means looking to make money out of other peoples misery, sort for the Grinch. 

Money talks, those folks are vulnerable since grieving right now, let's rip them off. 

I hate that.

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