martedì 24 febbraio 2015

Investors handing out money, looking for you right now

Somewhere over the rainbow.... there is a pot of gold, just waiting for you to pick it up.
Of course for a fee, retainers fee, that you will never see back.
What is this all about?


Yes, linkedin is becoming heavily populated with investors, all kinds.

Some of them just want to make you rich by handing out a small donation, a couple of millions or so, to a randomly selected pool of people among whom just by the case it is me... really?

Others are financial advisors from Twikenham, or Ghana, or US or the Saudi, etc. all using an elevated English with bombastic words, but the phrase is so poor you can see from a mile they googled for synonyms to make it look official whilst it is ... you know.

Others are big national banks managers, directors, CEO, credit inspectors, that discovered dormant accounts ready to be whipped out by the long arm of the law, but if you are willing to share with them they may pass you for a dead's man relative entitled to claim, and the bank is going to take it for granted... hmmm.

Others are sheiks, or sons or daughters of murdered dictators or their staff refugees in some other country but having that pot of gold in custody to multinational or UN storage facility in YOUR COUNTRY and need your help as their mandate to collect it, thus they need to learn from you what country are you in so they hand you their bullions... come on mate.

Not to forget the miners, working class, honest people, just sitting by the river and collecting gold dust and gold ore, having nobody to buy it from them, nice rates, guaranteed quality, not big quantities, a couple of hundred of kilos at maximum.

Some poor folks developed lung cancer or laryngeal cancer, cannot talk, thus do not call them, only email, and in the hour of death they selected me to hand me their life time earned fortune, just because they love me... much obliged, for the love I mean, I was feeling sooo lonely lately.

Remember the lotteries, I won a couple of hundreds of them although I never played, just because they hacked my email address from somewhere, and believe it or not there is a whole committee awarding me piles of cash, if only I would reply those emails...

Others they wont those lotteries themselves, and as a token of gratitude to them Gods of Odds, they picked up me to hand me 10%, just to thank GOD.

One quick question friends, just how stupid do you think am I?

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