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domenica 8 febbraio 2015

A good teacher points you the direction where to look, but does not tell you what to see, it is up to you to discover it!

If someone tells that school kills creativity that is at least naive.

School and formal education do not only kill creativity, they in-bead the intrinseque formation that creativity is ridiculous, dangerous, to be shun and banned, while they also praise it superficially.

The creative person is subject of heavy pressure to turn "normal" by forcing unto them the repetitive learning, praising the most the act of mechanically memorizing and repeating on demand of the school material.

Thus most of the inventive capacities are suppressed, except in those abnormally stubborn. And they are pushed aside and ridiculed, so the others would not dare stepping out of the box.

True in the mechanics school, business schools and any schools.

And if one makes it out of the box and comes up with really innovative solutions and inventions, any given sector, than it is regarded as a miracle, unique, someone that realized the impossible, and this approach is in line with the reality, I mean after such a heavy indoctrination to become "part of the crew and part of the ship" someone still made it out and remained himself... amazing.

And when the system allows some of those to climb the ranks of mediocrity it is only because their inventions serve the system purpose, if they attempt to reform the system in better of different, none of their ideas make it to the rules of the game, and them themselves are pushed to ruin or accepting to live as peones hiding their real capacities from their peers.

Talking about creativity without creativity to a non creating audience that has no intention to change the status quo...

If you'd ever happen to bump into a group of creative people, trust me, you would see the difference from miles away.



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