martedì 28 marzo 2017

I decided to live my life As a form of protest Against human stupidity

Collection of thoughts of mine upon the human stupidity at it's best.

Legal hour now kicked in, but in 6 months the natural hour takes it's place back.
Conclusion: If it's legal than ain't natural, and if it's natural, than ain't legal.
I think it applies to all legal matters.

Nothing is easy unless you like what you are doing, not even thinking or taking a nap.  But mostly thinking the right thing and doing the right thing.

Imagine if you please a place in the universe where people believe that war is peace, destruction is profit, greed is good, drugs are health, debt brings wealth, taxation is progress, stupid is brilliant and ignorance is bliss.  It's name is "nobody cares", population seven billion. 

Driver school is no driver school, is handling a vehicle school, the license is not a driving license, just a license to kill.  Once passed the threshold of one hundred thousand kilometers it may become a driving license, maybe...

Smoking is good for the environment, since it kills the smokers...

Life can only be understood inwards, happiness is an inside job, same as freedom.  However that is illegal and however, nobody cares.

Dubito ergo cogito, cogito ergo sum, said the wise man.
Modern interpretations is: debito ergo sum.

The problem is not the small psychopathic minority that insults left and right, black, Asian, natives or white, the problem is us, the majority, we now fall for their game and feel insulted by anything, instead of diminishing their power upon us by simply ignoring them as you ignore a worm in the grass or a flee in the orchard, instead of burning down the orchard for that flee.

With friends like those I need no enemies. (Romanian proverb)

Not even the disinformation is what is used to be, dropped in quality lately.

we are the future, but future is not ours...

Health savings accounts??
"Giving the poor a health care savings account is like giving the starving a cookbook."
The idea is that if you do not strive to put some cash into health saving account, they cannot steal it later, and that is what they are looking for, everybody to have any money only in the accounts, cashless world, so if they want, they can in a blink erase your balance if you are inconveniently thinking or speaking.
Did you ever see "enemy of the state"?
What other incentive to have you do that they can come with better than your health worries?

War is about having what you did not created or inherited, without permission from who did so, against their will, by brute force and banditism.
Not competition is dangerous, but greed and stupidity, if we compete there will always be someone to create something better, find a better way to do things, experiment something new, so we have progress, but if we are greedy and instead of competing we lust for other peoples achievements and take them by force, yes we have war and corruption.
Greed is at the base of capitalism, communism, fascism, socialism and any other religion.

War is never about freedom, is always about bullying others into submission, is murder on large scale and theft, naturally on large scale.

Immagne that:
Trevor Said:
My sister in law was a civil servant ( in the MOD where the establishment is now greater than the total manpower of the Armed Forces, how is that for nonsense? )
She suffered from narcolepsy and by her own admission spent between onr third and half of each day propped up by her computer, asleep.
Yet despite this her annual assessments alway rated her as the most productive member of her team... Says it all.
The nation cannot afford a public sector of the current size. There are too few of us contributing to the nation's wealth and too many in the public sector. Until someone has the guts to sort this out our finances will always be in a mess.

Pop Emil most productive member... so what were the others doing?
 If you want to join the army you must be some criminal mind, otherwise I cannot explain people joining the army.

I have just invented new terminology:
Toxic A. I.
Chew that.

Does anybody know what day is the end of the world scheduled this year?


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