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sabato 18 febbraio 2017

The moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying.

I have always learned from my mistakes, and still consider I need some more experiences, thus, will keep doing some more mistakes, they seem to be needed.

So why stop now that I have gained so many years of experience in doing mistakes.  My biggest mistake I keep on doing is seeing things as they are not as I am told to perceive them for the momentary interest or gain of somebody in charge.

For instance, there is blond hair, and there is brunettes hair, also red hair and gray hair, there also is white hair, but in the end all of it is hair.
One exception thou, the bald hair, more difficult to deal with since literally invisible, but there is none the less.

And if somebody wants you to stick to their "view" of alternative facts, well... it does not work with me.

No system is going to give you the education you need so you can overthrow them, just enough to serve them. Educate yourselves out your mental slavery.

Because me is... me, and I want to do all my mistakes myself, and learn from them, thus thanks for your benevolent help of feeding me your version of the truth, I love you, I trust you, but make no mistake, I will verify you and what you said, and make up my own mind.

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