lunedì 2 maggio 2016

Science versus reality, guess who is right?

Cold Fusion seems to work just fine against official scientists ignoring it.

Never mistaken the world of scientist with the reality, they do not  mingle at all.

One small example is the French Academy and the scientists at Sorbone University to whom Mr. Traian Vuia presented his plans of a heavier than air flight machine years before the Wright brothers took off the ground, but they classified him as nut, dementia and impostor, so Mr. Vuia had to sort things out on his own little income and took off a few months after the Wright brothers while if the scientist would of helped a bit he could of being the pioneer of aviation long before that.

Another small example is Mr. Henry Marie Coanda who invented the turbine propelled aircraft and discovered the Coanda effect that gave aviation a boost, him as well was treated as a scumbag and impostor by the Sorbona scientists.

The conclusion is the scientists are calling themselves as such but they are not, they just hold fast to their chairs and income and deny anyone else who is really working on something revolutionary, typical reaction of rats fearing their bread, that comes from being somebody, not from really doing something.

If those guys really managed to discover something, ignore science and the universities and go to production, the so called scientists will have to adapt themselves to reality sooner or later.

I am ready to pay to have such a machine in my garage, just to prove the scientists are always wrong when it comes to acknowledge new discoveries.

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