martedì 13 ottobre 2015

Creating Ex Nihil, the Deus Ex Macchina? Nope.

I saw a video last week, one morning I was waiting my son in the car for over an hour and had time to go online and watch it calmly. It was a presentation on a creativity doctorate works of my acquaintance Jesvir Mahil to whom I give credit for a lot of work in the sector, and sometimes I happen to disagree with some findings, but nobody is perfect, me less than others.

At a certain point in her presentation she came across the Michelangelo definition of art in which the creator of something merely discovers the "to be created" object of his creativity embedded in a pile of something else (his case the marble) and his work consisted in eliminating the excess and bringing it forward.

Than she later on argued that nowadays things have progressed and creativity is no longer a mere unburying of something concealed to the eyes of common mortals by somebody with special skills, but it has a different approach of creating new stuff ex nihil.

 To start with, ex nihil does not exist, anything that is to be created or invented is already embedded in the very pattern and matrix of our system of universes, otherwise would not be creatable in the first place, or to put it simpler, if God would of not created the premises and means to create that, the creative mind included, there would be zero creativity, and even that would not stop the universe evolve, since it did it anyway for millenia without any creative brain to help it out from within, as there were no intelligent beings to acknowledge the evolution towards creative brains out of unicellular forms of life, at least on earth.

Therefore the mere creativity is nothing more that the intelligent perception of discovering new (for us) ways of using the already existent laws of the universe to obtain things we consider worth of our consideration (like money) but that other species or components of the universe (say the dolphins, or the angles) have no interest for at all.

And if you want to listen to the universe, yes you need to be quiet in your ears and in your mind, for the continuous voice of the universe is feeble compared to the noise we make, but constant in our minds, should we only decide to stop and listen.

Two main examples of creative folks struck my mind as well accepted worldwide, out of the manny other more or less known, and those are two creative minds that nobody will dare shun, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.

To the best of my knowledge Einstein crafted the theory of relativity that changed the way we see the whole universe, from throwing a stick for our dog to traveling to Alfa Centauri, should this ever happen.

He created this theory after he discovered (and this implies the pre existence) the relativity in his head, due to some connections he made and others did not, or if they did, they never dared to pursue the thought.  Than he studied it in depth, proposed it to the world, feared he was wrong and will be shun by all, but in the end he was right.  However he did not invented nor created THE relativity itslef, it was always there, as many other things we have no idea about, but will eventualy when somebody stumbles upon.

Nor Newton invented or created THE gravity, just as above, he understood a bit of the created universe and made it clear to us that did not, we simply used to fall down, now we know why.

So although we disagree upon the definition of creativity, non the less creativity helps us progress to better times, or as proven by history, to worse...

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