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mercoledì 18 luglio 2012

Everything you know is wrong

You are a slave,

- no more chains, but credit cards,

- no more ears pierced but bank account,

- no more owner duty but tax duty,

- no more master to tell you what to do but television and propaganda system to keep you "informed" on the "right" behavior, starting with your way to think,  what information you should watch and what info you are not supposed to know.

The very second you understand something is wrong with the system you passed to the enemy, although you don't know yet what is so wrong.

The very second you question the system you are the enemy of the system and must be controlled, by putting you to shame, by pointing the fingers at you, and if it is not efficient putting psychological pressure on you, than they put economic pressure on you, you might loose your job, become bad credit labeled, evicted and turn homeless from a rich dude, you dared questioning them!

The moment you realise you are not the only one to have seen things like that you are a danger to them and they might even send someone to give you a lesson.

The moment you start getting organized with others, exchange information, occupy places, write banners, preach the truth they hide in parks, you are a threat to the system.

The moment you get organised to fight back, pick up some right guys and candidate them to controll position and push them for a change, they will start bribing them and buying them into the system on high positions just to keep you low and obedient.

The moment you find folks that won't take it and head for a change, you are terrorists, you endanger the system and their private incomes and privileges.

The moment you win and send them all to jail... is awesome!

Iceland made it, so let's do that now, because we can!

Copyrighted by Emil Pop, 2012, all rights reserved.

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