giovedì 14 giugno 2012


I hear every day on daily current affairs that the "Euro" is going down,and this is due to the debts registered in Germany and the Greece.

 Here people are fear that will affect our economy.

This I received from Sandwidi Boukary in Africa And here is the truth for you folks, as I can see it:
Monetary shit is like cancer, when it's in a place and you think you solved it, you just find out it spreader everywhere and although the surgery succeeded fine, the patient is dead.

Money are fake value, and issued with no real economy base by private banks based on fractional reserve scheme, that is they give out money they do not have.

Euro makes no exception, and the equation is so much more complicated than just Germany and Greece, that you have no idea, this shit infested Asia, Africa, North America too, and in a certain measure also South America and the Austral-Pacific islands. Everybody is at risk, both Euro and US Dollar are cancer, so everybody hides the truth fearing bank runs and panic in the population that would lead to economy collapse like in Greece and to the bankruptcy of each state in the world.

This is info the countries hide, the banks want you to not know of, the TV and newspapers are hushed or bought to silence for. If they cannot keep this secret and the people get panic, wars are at the door, and with the weapons at hand today...

 I remember what Einstein said in the fifties: "I have no idea with what weapons the third world war will be fought, but the fourth one will be fought with sticks and stones" Poor Einstein, he thought somebody will be left alive and survive to be able to fight a fourth world war, but with the weapons we have today, I strongly doubt anybody will survive.

 And you are afraid some negative effect on your country will be due to Euro collapse????

Think more!

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