sabato 27 aprile 2019

Ab Normal

Don't be normal, mediocre is normal
Don't be the best, the best is in management
Don't be extraordinary, heroes are extraordinary
Be Superlative, Thinkers are superaltive
They feed the to do to heroes, management and the masses
They are unknown, they hide, think and lead.

mercoledì 15 novembre 2017

Fiat money, phony baloney...

Our planetary economic system is a joke, a set of rules that disregard nature and push to the destruction of our own habitat just to grab some more money.
Money, they do not even exist in nature, just in our sick brains.

Money is like inflated balloons, full of hot air, now, do not take me wrong on this, the air in the balloons belongs to nobody and everybody in the same time, just like the surrounding air, anybody has a right to breathe it.

It is the balloon itself, the thin rubber that holds our air in it, that is proprietary, and if you pop it, the air released is universally available to all.

But they made laws that we are not allowed to pop the balloons, and they keep inflating them, so they pop on their own, and when they do it is loud and dangerous, too much pressure hold in a thin wall of nothing and without value.

It is when the economic bubble bursts.

Imagine the air we have is limited and held into a large room, and also more than enough for everybody.

Than the balloons guy comes in, inflates a few, no big deal.

But the more he inflates, the less air is available for us, it is just that you cannot pierce the balloons they are his property, forgot to mention, their property illegal held prisoner everybody else property, and that should not be legal.

And if they inflate too many balloons, than there is no more air left to breathe, they hold your right to live and breathe in their balloons, and you should not pierce them, that is illegal, but you can die, that is legal.

How about we forbid the balloons to hold public possessions form now on, they can have the balloons but must stay flat, so that our common good, our air to breathe cannot be hold hostage, and with it our very lives cannot be held hostage at their mercy?

lunedì 13 novembre 2017

Evolving ourselves into self extiction, humans on the brink of technology self ahichilation.

Unfortunately we humans have a habit of destroying our own habitat (that is something real) in exchange for profit (that is something imaginary) and is hard to see how a swarm of human brains would self task themselves for the greater good rather than for a self profiting task (and leading ultimately to a better and more inevitable and not reversible destruction of humanity)

As it looks from analysis of swarm decision making in nature (bees, ants, etc) in order to reach a wise decision be it as an individual or as a complex of individuals deciding in ¨choir¨ on various voices plus soloists, there are two initial steps to be taken carefully:

A) the individual or the swarm of individuals need to have relevant input, unbiased information from trustworthy source regarding a well defined task and it´s desired output. So, who defines the task? And who decides that such task is the task at hand rather than another one? Once the task defined and accepted who defines it´s parameters? And based on what?

B) the individual or individuals in the complex (be it a family or a society) will have to personally verify each option thoroughly and analyze all the implications of such choice carefully in the general context on short therm and long therm. Say you want to buy a place to move in, you go see places, contact various estate agents (not one alone) and see their options, as a family you go together or take turns but see them all all of you in the end.
And than you sit and confer about which of the options at hand is the best of available options or, if available options are not containing any wise option, and you need to keep scouting.

Now imagine that if a whole country must decide upon a law, say the constitution, instead of relying on a small group of founding fathers that might have personal interest in throwing in biased information to their own advantage. How long and complex the process might be?

Take it a step further, imagine that sort of decision making if the human society on Earth needs to decide which way to put their efforts together so that we do not evolve ourselves into extinction, again, as it seems it already happen several times down the history pipeline of this planet.

Tough one, no?

Here I go again.

Someone comes and tells me that there is no market until a first economic exchange takes place.

A theory is just that, a theory, it is the reality that kills us.

It is like stating that there are no casinos in Las Vegas until somebody goes there to play.

The problem is that the said casinos do exist even if nobody plays in them, they are there, ready for business.

But the biggest problem of them all is that they are full of people that play, clients, and also body guards, spies of the house and those of the competition, thieves, professional players, prostitutes, dancers, escorts, chefs, waiters, etc, and at the entry/exit point somebody sales fiches, and buys them back (normally the buy back is for less than 10% of the sold ones, otherwise somebody starts to ask some painful questions)

And each casino has owners (unknown to public) directors (unknown to public) and managers (a little bit more visible to the public).

Also the market has being created to bring in money just like the casino, to the owners (unknown to public) directors (unknown to public) and managers (known to public as politicians, government, etc, that we are induced to believe that we elected them and they represent us, well they are not, your vote does not matter, if voting could change something they would not allow us to vote in the first place) and to the other employees that are there to milk us out of our work and money, people of the state system that are paid crumbs as salaries to steal from us.

Therefore; the market exists whether we want it or not, somebody invested big resources to create it and empower it, it has owners (unknown to public and hiding well) control and leadership structures (super-national sized), implementation structures (supranational banks, IMF, UN, ICB, BRICS, WHO and many others) of which nobody truly knows whom they are accountable to, but they have their national implementation subsidiaries in each country (national banks, monarchs, government and parties) that have their governing means (army, police, secret services, banks, insurances, taxation, financial police, tax evasion police, religions, etc.)

What else do they need?

Just like the casinos; players, clients, suckers that play by the rules, loosers.
And to make sure the mass of suckers are ready for the market game (not for life), that means to compete shrudeless with each other for the crumbs available, tough training starts from preschool already;

- Individual voluntary sexual orientation, because... human rights...

- Individual voluntary professional orientation, because... human rights... especially to work, better if poorly paid or not paid at all

- Individual voluntary political and religious orientation, because... human rights...

- Individual emancipation of the ladies, because... human rights... (that is ladies can no more take care of their offspring, they must outsource that to paid professionals that do not necessarily love them, and work to can pay for that instead of taking care of them in first person, many time out sourced to TV or Play Station for convenience)

- The emancipation of toddlers, the right to vote to 16 years old, or 14, because... human rights... and wifes right to turn trans and abandon the kids, and the prostitutes rights or LGBT rights, especially rights to key political positions where-from they can impose on the others their rights, while you have no rights to your rights.

-Political correctness, because... human cannot affirm a truth as such because that might hurt the fillings of a category that lives in lie and makes nice money for that

- The right to self defining of your own person (trans, LGBT, male-female, female-male, other, etc.) that also gives me the right to define myself as having multiple personality thus primarily I self define me as THE judge of this universe, and thus I can judge how others define themselves, my absolute prerogative, you cannot interfere, than I also self define me as the tooth fairy, and if you piss me off I am going to leave you without them.

If you do not like the New World Order you are free to leave, go to Mars, tickets are on sale now, take off in some 2 years, one way only.

domenica 1 ottobre 2017

Cele trei fete ale monedei.

Cap sau pajura?

Si daca cade intr-o dunga?

Mai rar dar se intampla.

Hai sa vedem cam ce reprezinta asta in viata de toate zilele.

Persoanele sunt ca niste monede, unele bune, altele false, ne ocupam de alea bune, pe bune, alea false aici nu ne intereseaza.  Abunda si alea.

Toate persoanele sunt ca niste monede, au valorile lor, au o valoare intrinseca imutabila, o valoare de piata care urca si coboara dupa cum merg vremurile, dar au valoare.

Monezile false nu au valoare intrinseca, sunt tinichele, pitule, discuri de metal ne pretios ne recunoscut de nimeni, care incearca sa imite monezile de valoare si sa se dea drept valoroase pe piata, poate poate prostesc pe careva, de obicei prostesc prostimea care ii voteaza.  Cum ziceam aici nu ne ocupam de ei.

Monezile de valoare intrinseca au si o valoare de piata care variaza cu vremurile dar mai ales in functie de cum vine prezentata moneda, daca e ca o necesitate ca sa cumperi ceva urgent ii cade valoarea, daca e ca o salvare de la un dezastru iminent ii creste valoarea... cap sau pajura?

Dupa cum se vede clar valoarea de piata e arbitrara, si se poate schimba in 5 secunde in functie de interlocutor, dar pentru cunoscatorul adevarat, valoarea de piata e irelevanta, cap sau pajura, cui ii pasa, hai sa vedem a treia fata, adica circumferinta, ce grosime de aur are circumferinta, si asta ne da valaoarea intrinseca.

Da da, a treia fata e circumferinta, ia si te uita la orice moneda, toate au a treia fata, si sunt si niste litere mici pe acolo, daca nu ar fii a treia fata atunci monezile ar fii ascutite si taioase pe circumferinta, niste cutite rotative pentru pizza.

Persoanele sunt niste monezi, fiecare cu valoare sa, intrinseca, si fiecare cu prestul sau stabilit arbitrar in funnctie de moment, cerere, oferta, manipulare, disperare, nesimtire.

Cei care stiu cu adevarat cat valoreaza sunt putini, nu se uita la care fata a monedei expun, ca nu ii intereseaza amanuntul, si isi vad de tereaba lor cu nepasare, ceea ce se petrece in jur nu ii afecteaza, ca nu se vand, deci valoarea lor de piata nu ii doare.

Cei care desii sunt fara valoare intrinseca, sau foarte mica, dar vor sa se vanda scump, escrocii, managerii, banchierii, politicii, si alte animale din astea, monezi false, sunt ca niste monezi bine lustruite, stralucitoare, dar... de greutate gresita ca materialul e fals, nu au stofa, dar se dau mari si rotunzi, nu erau cand s-a impartit rusinea, sau modestia.

Cei cu valoare intrinseca se impart in 3 categorii, si fiecare cade in orisicare dintre cele 3 categorii de mai multe ori pe zii, in functie de imprejurari, ma rog, cel mai des in doua dintre ele, poate in a treia mai rar, poate anual...

Definim fetele monedei ca fiind cap si pajura, asa ca avem chef, putea fi fata si dos, stema si ban, etc.
Si dunga, binenteles.

Sa zicem ca o fata este ca la magnet, negativa, alta pozitiva.

In functie de situatie predomina o anumita fata la un moment dat, cum o dai cum o sucesti cade cu negativul la vedere, sau cu pozitivul, dupa interes, dupa care incepe legea atractiei universale, negativ atrage pozitiv si invers, se lipesc valorile intre ele.

Si asa se aleg oamenii pe bisericute, dupa interes, valori, care de putere, unii pe bune, altii pe rele, si fiecare isi apara casta, interesul, gruparea, evident fiecare grupare are un lider sau un grup de agitatori, lideri.

Aici e buba, liderii au interesul lor, diferit de cel al grupului, dar imprima grupului o tendita care pare atractiva si legitima pentru alcooliti, si care in acelasi timp fara voia grupului sustine si promoveaza pe ascuns prin forta grupului insusi si agenda personala, ascunsa, a liderului/agitatorilor.

Exemple sunt la greu, de exemplu un lider agitator vrea sa darame pe liderul altui grup, dar nu poate ca omul e vazut bine, integru, cu bun simt (exagerez aici) si de treaba (aici nu exagerez), pentru inceput isi face datornici, cui nu are o clara ideee despre propria valoare ii imprumuta ceva, bani, idei, loc de munca, un sac de cartofi, un cadou de nunta, etc, metode sunt, apoi cand la o adica ii explica mai indirect ca ¨ imi esti dator moral/finaciar/etc) asa ca votezi cum zic eu¨.

In tabara adversa se face la fel, evident ca liderii si agitatorii nu se baga sa fie sefi, imping in fata sefi care le sunt datori, de merge rau altul o ia in freza, de merge bine ala e laudat si agitatorul incaseaza beneficiul pe subt mana, iar oricum seful de grup face ce i se spune ca de.. e dator, a fost facut sef prin sfanta voie a liderului... deci ciocul mic, privirea la usa sii.... executarea.

Daca se reuseste manjirea cumva a unui apropiat al agitatorului advers, prin date pe bune sau false, se poate ajunge sa preiei controlul asupra sefului, care e ramas fara de proptea.  Daca boul ala de sef se trezeste realismul in el si vede ca nu are nevoie de proptele ca se descura minunat si fara, incepe razboiul intestin, i se da peste nas ca protejeaza si se inconjoara ce persoane corupte, adica celalt leader si alcolitii lui.

Si uite asa se sparg biserici, migreaza parlamentarii de la un partid la altul, se desfiinteaza si re infiinteaza partide, lideri de partid is fac partide noi in ciuda alora de i-au dat afara din partid si de la guvern, etc.  ca de bisericute e plina omenirea.

Si fiecare zice ca e cu polul pozitiv al monezii la vedere, deci aia cu negativ sunt atrasi ca sa le manjeasca valoarea, si fiecare se da in stamba si isi da in petic ce buni sunt ei si ce piosi si idispensabili sunt ei celorlalti, care daca si-ar cunoste cu adevarat valaorea, nici nu i-ar baga in doua bete pe domnii lideri, ca lideri nu sunt.

Si aici apar raritatile, aia intr-o duga, nu care au cazut intr-o dunga din greseala si mai apoi se culca pe o ureche sau pe cealalta, din astia avem mai des, nu destul de des din pacate, din cei care temporar isi descopera valoarea si capacitaitile, dar se lasa convinsi ulterior ca aiureaza si se dau cu o grupa sau cu alta.

Dar sunt unii care fie din nascare, fie din experienta, reusesc sa fie intr-o dunga tot timpul, si daca ii darami cumva, se invart ce se invart si hopa iar intr-o dunga.  Scoala grea asta, sa nu te lasi pe o ureche cum e mai comod, sa te tii tot timpul la propria valoare si sa nu iti pese de toti aia de vor sa te culce la pamant pe o parte sau pe alta, si pe stanga si pe dreapta, hop si asa...

Persoane rare, des atacate de ambele tabere la instigarea liderilor agitatori, pai cum ala isi arata valoarea si il doare in cot de cat ii atribuim noi?  Cum adica, nu are nevoie de noi ca sa stea drept?  Pai iti dai seama ca in felul asta se vede ca noi stam stamb?  Asta nu putem permite.  Si dai si omoara-l.

Dar nu prea au pe cine, ca daca stai intr-o dunga te misti lejer si rapid, ai valorile bine definite ca altfel cazi, si nici puscaria si nici moartea nu te scot din echilibrul tau decat cel mult temporar, dar te ridici din nou in secunda doi.

Oamenii de tipul asta deranjeaza centrele de putere ca arata adevarata natura a lucrurilor, nu exista cap si pajura, nu exista dreapta si stanga, sunt aceasi chestie, depinde cum te invarti, pai iti dai seama ca daca afla grupul meu sau al tau ca ii prostim cu stanga si dreapta, cu cap si pajura cu false conflicte ideologice, ne lasa balta si toata puterea noastra asupra lor dispare imediat?

Indira Ghandi, Nelson Mandela sunt doua exemple, dar José Mujica e cel mai recent si zic eu cel mai bun exemplu, om intr-o dunga, a facut puscarie pentru ca era intr-o dunga si nu se lasa pus jos nici la stanga nici la dreapta, nici pe bani grei nici cu amenintari grele, a iesit si a ajuns presedinte, si a transformat tarisoara aia din un iad intr-un mic rai fara sa aiva scoli multe sau celebre, si bine inteles a fost un cui in tlapa si la dreapta si la stanga liderilor agitatori pe interese. Nu l-a interesta banul, faima, puterea, il durea o singura chestie, fericirea oamneilor cale l-au ales.

Mai sunt oameni intr-o dunga azi?

Prin partide nexam, prin biserici neam, prin scoli inalte sau joase hatz, dar mai sunt, si toti leaderii si agitatorii se bat cu morile de vant sa ii faca invizibili pe astia, intr-o dunga, ca sa nu le ia crema de pe inexistenta prajitura cu care atrag turma la vot dupa ei.  Mare, voluminoasa, frumoasa si gaunoasa ca si valoarea liderilor agitatori care defileaza cu ea in mana.

Fara astia intr-o dunga s-ar duce de rapa tot.  Asa invizibili cum sunt ei, ei sunt forta care ne tine sa nu rupem zagazurile si sa ne imprastiem ca faina orbului, fara rost si fara sanse de viitor.

giovedì 27 luglio 2017

Incendi forestali estivi?

10 anni orsono dei ultraleggeristi decisero di pattugliare i cielli sopra le foreste, se non sbaglio Umbria, per torvare i focolari delgi incendi forestalli e chaimare socorsi in tempo.

Gli effeti furono 3:

Per iniziare, non ci sono stati incendi (diversamente degli altri anni) a quanto pare non osavanno appicare il fuoco in un area sorvegliata da gente onesta non pagata per questo.

Poi quando un principio di incedio fu avvistato, il pilota visse un'avventura strana avvistando pure il reo in flagrante, scese di quota per fotografare il viso, il tizio si messe a correre giu per la montagna ed imboscarsi nella foresta, non ci fu un incedio perche domato prima di estindersi.

Terzo, l'autorita' aeronautica che finora non aveva nulla da dire sul volo da diporto nella zona da piu' di 50 anni, alla richiesta dei vigili del fuoco aeroportati (ellicottero ed aereo spegnifuoco) vieto il sorvolo della zona in quanto impedisce all'aereo ed ellicotteri dei vigili di operare per spegnere incendi (per forza, non ce ne erano piu')

Il prosimo annetto non potevanno piu' volare li legalmente, ed ops.. sono ricomparsi gli incendi forestali.

Fatti un'idea tu...

martedì 25 luglio 2017

Your target market is split in two: those that need the product, and those that want the product. Which one makes you more money?

Analyzing based on past time each category is again divided in minimum two, to simplify, those that can afford your price and those that cannot.

Let's start with a simple market that anybody understands today, software.  We all have it on the computer, on the tablet, on the phone, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the garden water hose.

When software first popped up the way we know it today, as OS, (not mere trials of some nuts that loved to play with), it was damn expensive, few rich companies could afford computers and software, and even fewer governments.

But people needed it, so we had the segment of those that needed it split in two, who could afford it and who could not.

Unix was as dear as the costs of a war between two nations, they run with him nuclear plants, and similar things of great magnitude, including government operations.

Dude, home needed one too, Dude was accountant but could not afford to spend the the national income of a small country for that.

Dude knew some Unix programmers because they were his clients and they kept telling him what a kaboom of steroids would mean to have a computer, so he bought one, but no OS...  that was wayyyyyyy toooo muuuuuch.

So his clients charged him peanuts and beer, and made a micro Unix like something to run his expensive and inert toy, to bring it to life.

So on the market popped up Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM, DOS, M.S. Dos, MacIntosh, CPM and a rainbow of others.

They made their programmer rich in the first run?  Nope, I mean wealthy yes, but rich Bill Gates style, nope.

How many of those names you still remember?

Maybe none, their target market were not the guys who wanted, but the guys who needed, like Dude above.

Than two guys had the same idea, what if we sold this to whom wants it, although not really needs it?  Yea, but how, I mean everything was on programming language, no Graphic Interface.  So they both created graphic interfaces, one named Apple, one named Windows, and both priced it low, damn low, less than 1% of what Dude paid his friends to get his pile of sand and metal come to life and producing money, and definitely less than Unix, maybe one fraction of a million of it's price.

Steve Jobs did a good quality job to keep his name's sake, and priced it accordingly, some 1 monthly salary of a coast to coast truck driver.

Bill Gates made a pale quality one, full of bugs and incertitudes, but priced it for one day of work of a coast to coast truck driver.

Everybody wanted them, guess whom got rich?  Did those people really needed them?  Nope, there were not even applications at the time, except e-mail, Microsoft Works (what an oxymoron) text processor and the like.

Internet browsers popped up far late in time, and changed the game for ever.

The computers revolution ladies and gentleman, disruptive technology, game changer (gamers included) the future... now obsolete.

Let's have a look into the same perspective at the 3D printing technology, dream of the humanity, the physical replicator of... anything, new shoes?  Print them in leather, New chairs?  Print them in oak, new car body?  Print it in carbon fiber, New car engine?  Print it in metals,   fresh stake to grill?  Print it in bio flesh materials, also print the grill in metal and some coals in carbon and hydrogen please.

Now available?  Not yet, maybe some on monomaterials like plastic or ABS filament, or cement, or metal shyntheriser or Stereo Lithography Tridimensional (I guess, damn those acronyms, what the heck means SLT anyway?) with UV curing in various waxes, plastics, silicones (not for breast implant I guess, buttocks implants maybe) and other materials.

I heard somebody is printing with meat cells living steaks, or human parts, a printed liver, fully operational for transplant please...

How much per machine to start with?  Millions when they came on the market.

Who bought them?  Just like with initial computers and OS platforms, General Motors, the Pentagon, DARPA and similar, for fast prototyping and design proofing.

Than somebody came up with the first open source Rep Rap printer, with plastic filament (fishing line to be more precise), somebody else with cheap SLT solutions, for now small machines, like a coffee maker size, can print a mug or half a shoe in plastic or ABS or similar.

For those that needed them, but could not afford, and cost wise... thousands of USD a piece (far cheaper than the big money counterpart, but still dear to the segment "want them"  not the "need them" one).

Than more feeble and slow machines were made, now a Reap Rap machine DIY can cost USD 200 or more, and a day of work to assemble it home from kit, and maybe a month to finally make it work in synchrony with your laptop.

Metal printers are still around 60K to 100K each, SLT from 3 K to 100 K each, but is a start, son the shit hits the fan and a machine as big as a fridge with multiple heads (metal, plastic and SLT) might come on the market big enough to print a chair or a small table or piece of furniture, or the fender of your car if you dented it.  Probably priced around 1 monthly salary of a coast to coast driver (say 3Gran).

And from than on the game changes for ever, again...

Copyrighted by Emil Pop, July 2017.