lunedì 22 febbraio 2010

To the pirates in Europe, and worldwide! Let's board this boat!

Dear pirates,

I hate comunism
I hate fascism
I love liberty!

You had a lot of wacky ideas, and provoked a lot of press ink flow, but your results are far from having an historical impact, unfortunatelly.

The danger is that when your party gets to be considered in the political world, some big shoots full of moeny will find a way to controll you and turn you into a machine for their needs, as any other party in politics.

If you don't get alligned with any money group, than all the money groups will throw shit at you, just see what they are doing to Beppe Grillo in Italy.
He is not a Pirate, but he is the closest thing to your philosophy that Italy has, and the government fears him.

If you can stand all the shit they will throw at you jsut as him does, than you will win.
I have a coordination idea, worked for one year, and consider using your platform to make some order in our common house, Europe.

Remeber the European Constitution? they failed with it becouse it was wrong in two ways:
1 proposed by the governments to the governments
2 negotiated between governments

And the people? The poor dudes that have to work to pay their government salaries? Can't they say anything?


I took the old papers of the European Constitution attempt, and modified it to be of good for the people and to have the governments and parliaments under our controll, small taxes, and no cuts to liberties of the regular dudes like you and I, that feed our familyes and mantain the politics and the police and army and justice with our sweat.

The text in black is the original articles.

The text in blue is my ideas

The text in red is the old articles that I think we need to rewrite them, but haven't had any good idea yet, need help.

Other old articles I deleted them, ireverent or even damaging the citysens liberties.

I need you in any European Country and even out of Europe to support me in this:

I need to collect one milion signatures at least (if possible one milion in each nation) to propose this constitution to be voted by an europewide referendum, one in each country, and the countries that we win, are going to join in this European Union undr this constitution.

This is going to boast your party on top for doing the right thing.


And it's going to make a safer and better tomorow for my son, and all of our kids.

Download from here my work in progress, the new European Constitution according to ME:
download link:

Need help to collect 1 milion signatures per country to put this in act!

Happy download pirates and afiliated

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