martedì 16 febbraio 2010

escorted offshore staff hire services, software development for small businesses

Off shore won't really work for a bunch of objective reasons:

Most of the italian software business people have here just a small sales force, and the rest of the code writters are in india, China, Pakistan, etc.

Same for the germans, french, and other nations, so all the work is already off shored, but to their own business.

Companies prefer to have at least one inhouse person that knows what happens, and most of the times is the son of the owner, or some nephew, so it will be never fired.

I am working on the new European Constitution right now to establish the working day at maximum 6 hours, so hiring outsourcers that work 12 hours a day will be regarded as a shame, and companies could loose face, thus loose market and income.

The world is evolving.
Europe used to work 15 hours a day untill some 100 years ago or so, with little or no progress, than England, followed by other countries, established the 8 hours a day program.
And we had echonomic boom, for people are more cerative and more productive if well rested and have time to spend with family, too many working hours a day render humans unproductive yet tehy put in the hours and the effort, but with scarce results.

Human need time to rest, time to spend with family, walk around, just like animals, otherwise it turns in to a dumb idiot machinery, inefficient and non creative.

And this leads to profound deppression of individuals, families, society, economy, global.

Voila, we have it! Do you like it? Nope?

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  1. What the world needs is someone like Yourself who thinks of the rest as a whole and not just a few of people who will make Me rich..

    Emil, You have been a very strong influence reading what You write is like understanding them Mind of a real entreprenuer..

    Thank You
    Norman Flecha
    Straight Talk